Creative Generation 1: “Ancient Legacy and an Uncertain World” by Chhum Limhay

8 September – 6 October 2017
Java Creative Cafe Toul Kork

This series of architectural drawings by Chhum Limhay explores imaginary cities of the future, inspired by real cities around the world and their historical legacies while employing science-fiction aesthetics. The formation of cities and urban culture is rooted in its ancient heritage which, as a result, affects the design of buildings, infrastructure and how people live in them.

In each drawing there is a distinct absence of people, plants and vehicles. Limhay has chosen to focus specifically on the shape and design of the buildings laid out across a symmetric grid. Believing in the optimism of technology, the artist proposes a city-scape that is carefully constructed and harmonious. In his imaginary cities, he sees people from all backgrounds living together peacefully.

Chhum Limhay (born. 1996, Phnom Penh, Cambodia), is a Business Administration senior from Zaman University. The third generation of Zaman’s graduates in the year of 2017.

Limhay’s work as an artist is inspired by both history and technology. He likes to draw things that are impossible. In addition to illustration, and his business studies, he is currently involved in an animation project.


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