A Creative Generation Project in collaboration with Friends International
At F3 (Friends Futures Factory)

Under the Canopy is an architectural intervention in the heart of Phnom Penh that emphasizes principles of sustainability and contemporary design-thinking. Creative Generation works with a young Cambodian designer to construct a temporary canopy from sustainable materials that will be repurposed or recycled at the end of the project. Situated in the F3 courtyard, the canopy activates the atmosphere of the community space with a site-specific design that not only serves a practical purpose to create shade, but also an aesthetic one. The canopy transforms the space with a contemporary structure and offers an exciting contrast to the colonial architecture, while echoing the modernist design of the warehouse and architectural innovations of F3.

In addition to presenting a sustainable design in a public space, the canopy serves as a point of public engagement. It is an opportunity for a public program of events that highlights relevant issues of urbanism and sustainability. It challenges the public to consider the potential of thoughtful design and how it impacts their built environment and communities.

Furthermore, the project offers an inspiring opportunity for a young architect to develop and implement a creative concept and to learn practical skills useful in their field. To bring the project to fruition, Under the Canopy mobilizes the support, mentorship and technical guidance of a community of experts that together build up the next generation of creatives.