Performance + Film Screening for Futures is SHE

Presented by Creative Generation
For the F3 Futures is SHE
10am – 12pm Sat 20 February, 2021
Seats are limited, please register in advance, or send a message:
Location: Creative Generation Gallery at F3 (Friends Futures Factory)

Demand, Sao Sreymao, 5 minutes, 2014, video screening Pressure, Sao Sreymao, live performance

These two performances by Sao Sreymao were created four years apart but are linked by their response to social tension in Phnom Penh. The artist explores issues of oppression, struggle and the exhaustion of resistance. Through simple, but very compelling gestures, the artist engages the audience in a highly emotional encounter.
“It’s not easy to earn freedom – you have to prove to the world that you can stand by yourself” – Sao Sreymao

Red Wedding, Directed by Lida Chan and Guillaume Suon, 50min, 2012
Language: Khmer with English subtitles
Courtesy of Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center

This film, Red Wedding, illustrates about the forced marriage during Khmer Rouge regime. A man and a woman do know each other before but they are forced to marry no matter if they love each other or not. After the marriage, there are spies observing them whether they get along each other on the bed on not. If not, they are supposed to be re-educated at the first night or killed in the following night mistake. After the Khmer Rouge a woman tries to seek for justice by asking the alive Khmer Rouge leaders, and file to document to sue to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal Court.

Archive Reference: Bophana center