Award Celebration Creative Generation 3

On 6 March 2020 we will celebrate the announcement of the five awardees for CREATIVE GENERATION 3 at FUTURES Factory.

Over the last year young Cambodian artists, between the age of 18 and 30, were invited to apply to the CREATIVE GENERATION 3 award. Each application was individually scored by seven judges, all of whom work in the arts and are familiar with the Cambodian art scene. The judges were asked to consider each application according to their portfolio submission, exhibition proposal and overall potential of the artist. The five highest scoring applications were selected to receive the CREATIVE GENERATION award. We are very excited to announce the five winning artists (in alphabetical order)!

• Mech Choulay
• Kong Siden
• Ry Savroun
• Song Seakleng
• Vong Chandarey

As CREATIVE GENERATION awardees each artist will receive a cash prize and trophy, participate in a three month mentorship program and finally, present their work in a solo exhibition.

CREATIVE GENERATION is possible thanks to the generous support of: Karen McLeod Adair & Anthony Adair, Australian collectors of contemporary Cambodian art and supporters of young artists. With additional support from Debra Fram.

It is powered by Java Creative Café in partnership with FUTURES Factory and with the support of many volunteers.

Together, the sponsors, partners, volunteers and CREATIVE GENERATION are committed to building up a new generation of young Cambodian artists.