Creative Generation 3

2020 Creative Generation 3 Awardees

We would like to introduce the 5 awardees of Creative Generation 3:
Mech Choulay, Kong Siden, Ry Savroun, Song Seakleng, and Vong Chandarey

Over the last year young Cambodian artists, between the age of 18 and 30, were invited to apply to the Creative Generation 3 award. Each application was individually scored by seven judges. The judges were asked to consider each application according to their portfolio submission, exhibition proposal and overall potential of the artist.

As awardees, each of these artists will participate in a co-working studio and mentorship program designed according their personal goals and to sharpen their artistic vision. They will join workshops that will give them new professional skills to talk, write and represent their work. Finally, they will bring it all together in a solo exhibition.

This year, Creative Generation has moved to FUTURES Factory, a new site for youth, creatives and innovators in the heart of Phnom Penh. Creative Generation collaborates with FUTURES Factory to produce a regular program of art events, building on a common vision to support young Cambodians.

As part of the “give back” program, and in order to gain new professional experiences, the winning artists will be invited to join the FUTURES Factory community and participate in giving back by offering their talent to support activities for young people and children in marginalized communities in Cambodia.

Creative Generation 3 Jury Panel:
Moeng Meta
Independent Curator
Vuth Lyno
Artistic Director, Sa Sa Art Projects
Sovan Philong
Artist and Vice-President of the Photo Phnom Penh Association
Dana Langlois
Artistic Director, Java Creative Cafe
Annie Jael Kwan
Independent Curator and Director of Something Human
Alain Arnaudet
Director, La Friche Belle de Mai
Karen McLeod Adair

Creative Generation 3 is possible thanks to the generous support of: Karen McLeod Adair & Anthony Adair, Australian collectors of contemporary Cambodian art and supporters of young artists. With additional support from Debra Fram.

It is powered by Java Creative Café in partnership with FUTURES Factory and with the support of many volunteers.


“I feel over the moon to win this creative generation 3 award because I can express my emotion by making artwork that uses my voice for the voiceless, bring hope for the one who lose hope, and use art with real humanitarian purpose, with love and peace.

‘To make artwork is not about showing my feelings but so that at least one person could make a difference.’ ”

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“Personally, art is a way to create the opportunity for human capacity to go beyond our thought and imagination.

Winning the Creative Generation 3 Award is meaningful for me because it is a rare opportunity for us as a young artists in Cambodia who want to grow in the art community. I believe we will possibly learn a lot in these programs and it will be able to develop our practice.”

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“I am very excited about winning the Creative Generation 3 Award! This is something I have always been dreaming of winning in my photography career. It makes me proud to win this and I see this as a great opportunity to sharpen my photography skills, especially in learning how to build a better story through photographs with the help and support from the amazing Creative Generation mentors. I am looking forward to soaking up as much knowledge as I can from this amazing program because I know that golden chances like this one do not come to you often.

This award gives me the confidence to believe that I can live my life and support myself as a professional photographer and artist.”

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“I am excited about winning Creative Generation 3 Award because this is something I didn’t expect. I think this award shows the acceptance of my art as well as showing a new journey of my art to be known and seen by the public.

I make art to allow people to see the mind, emotions and stories of people. Most of my art shows unspoken thoughts and feelings.”

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“Winning the Creative Generation 3 Award has unlocked an exciting opportunity for me to boost my knowledge capacity and to challenge myself in experimental art. As an artist photographer and filmmaker, I am so honored and delighted having a supportive platform to express my notion and passion. Through this encouraging program, I will be able to learn and to share.

As I strongly believe art invariably reflects what happens in the society and making art is to document the complexity of human nature.”

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