12-8 written by Sok Samithi

Written by SOK Samithi
Directed by SOK Samithi and Marika ELS
Produced by Phnom Penh Players
The project is presented as part of the Creative Generation Performance Series
Sponsor venue: Java Creative Café Toul Tom Poung

Show dates:
30 September 2022: 7pm
1 October 2022: 1pm & 7pm
7 October 2022: 7pm
8 October 2022: 1pm & 7pm

“From midnight to morning, as the city lights shine, a small Phnom Penh convenience store becomes an oasis of possibility.”

’12-8′ is an original one-act play that deals with themes of transition and change, desire and uncertainty, as seen through the lens of two young, once-intimate adults who meet again working in a convenience store. Written in an episodic format, scenes change from intimate and tender exchanges to puerile and humorous.

We hope to use the Java theater space because we believe it is a great fit for the themes of the play and the impact we intend to have on our audience. Both the main characters, Hok and Ally, are deeply vulnerable, and complicated characters who, as they transition through this strange time in their lives, find both comfort and confrontation with one another. As a result, we believe the intimate nature of the Java venue will allow the audience to more easily connect and empathize with the main characters.

Furthermore, the play tackles Hok and Ally’s relationship with Cambodia, their home, and the love and frustration they share with it. With Java’s long and strong connection to Cambodia and Cambodian arts, we would be overjoyed to be able to have this opportunity to perform this play here.

Photo by Monja McKay